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Even after your “I Do’s” and your honeymoon, there are still a few things that must taken care of before the wedding planning phase of your life is over. One of those tedious tasks often includes changing your maiden name. This task can sometimes seem like checklist of things to do on its own. So the following is a checklist of the to-dos for carrying out the process:

  1. Order extra certified copies of your marriage certificate for agencies that require originals before allowing you to change your name on documents.
  2. Request a new Social Security card reflecting your name change. Visit Service Canada to find out how, click here.
  3. Visit your department of motor vehicles for a new driver’s license. Find out in advance which documents you’ll need to bring in order to certify the validity of your name change. Visit AMA Alberta for more details, click here.
  4. Obtain and complete a Passport Amendment/Validation Application. Send this along with appropriate fees, your current passport(s), and a certified documentation of your name change (such as a certified copy of a marriage certificate or court papers) to the nearest passport agency.
  5. In addition to changing your name on your car registration, insurance, mortgage company, frequent-flier programs, etc. . . . make sure to order replacement checks, business cards, credit cards, and other documents as well that contain your old name.
  6. Call employers and schools (if you are a student) to inform them of your name change, and ask them to change it in their records.
  7. Make the announcement to your family and friends.

Name Change After Marriage

The list definitely seems long. So another quick and inexpensive alternative to getting your name changed is using name changing services such as Simply answer and fill out MissNowMrs’ online marriage name change questions and forms, and voilà you’ll officially have your name changed in no time flat.

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