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She got something a little better than pajamas…


Nicole & Weir ~ 7/28/12

Nicole’s fiancé proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2010. She had known from the very beginning that Weir was the one that she wanted to grow, learn and explore life with. While celebrating the holiday season with his family he had informed her that everyone opens a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve and that the presents are usually pajamas. Nicole had joined the entire family in the living room and go figure she had to open the first gift as Weir was already sitting down with a wrapped box in his hands. She remembers saying to him that she didn’t want to go first because everyone was starring and it was super awkward (he told her to suck it up.) Nicole began to open the box, and noticed it was a Wii console but the box was empty, so she thought that he was surprising her with the Wii and had set it up at home. As she was smiling and chatting about it being such a great surprise he was getting down on one knee saying “You are the bacon to my eggs, the peanut butter to my jelly and the baseball to my glove, I can’t wait to spend to rest of our lives together and for you to be the mother to my children, the happiness to my day and the adventure to our lives…will you do me the honour of becoming my wife, will you marry me?” It was breath taking, and not only was she surprised but his family as well as no one knew he was going to propose!


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